Let me tell you some things about myself.

I’m a thinker, planner, problem solver, all very rewarding and consuming, but that isn’t always a negative. What you might find is I love to come up with ideas, and please know that these are ideas, they are to be challenged and questioned (but please go easy!!) I listen and therefore often connect people with others, be that business, fundraisers, community building, parents. This I find very rewarding, working collaboratively is stronger for everyone.

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Andrea Chamberlain Creator and Connector

My boys are my world and they are each unique and bring me challenges and joy, sometimes at the same time. 18, 15 and 9, why do I tell you this, because it influences where I am and how I approach things. My 18yo finished Year 12 last year and just when we thought he would fly, he has been hit hard by the challenges of Autism. So I continue to fight for him and the services he needs to support him as he grows and finds his place. Middle child is 15 a driven young man who works, has plans, plays sport and wants the best for everyone he meets. My baby is 9 and does Distance Ed, we are still finding our way in the world with him, but he is an awesome little fella who follows in his biggest brothers footsteps and keeps the challenges coming. They each drive me and teach me so much. Through all of this we are supported, loved and accepted by my awesome hubby who works week on week off on.

There is so much more to me, as there is for every one we cross paths with. I bring passion, patience and community minded person believing everyone has something to offer. As a community no matter where you are or wat you do we can be stronger together.

I Am Andrea Chamberlain!